Trusted Technology Equipment Crating, Packaging, and Shipping from SFO, San Jose, Marin, Oakland, Hayward, East Bay

Leading Technology Corporations in Northern California rely on PGL to crate, pack, and ship their Technology equipment worldwide.   We are Specialists in this industry for packaging, crating, and shipping Technology equipment in San Francisco, San Jose Metro area with our excellent track record for 35 years. We have the people who understand Technology equipment. Hence, we understand the susceptibility of fragile components of the equipment in transit. We assess various aspects including temperature, mode of transport, destination & engineer custom packaging and crating solutions to protect your technology equipment in its journey to the destination.  We offer Best Price Guarantee for our services. 

Call us at or 510 477 0700 or Get a Quote now to pack, crate and ship your Equipment!

We have packaged, crated, and shipped any of these Technology Equipment:

Server Racks, Servers, Monitors, Printers
*  Robotics, Lab or Testing Equipment
*  Video conferencing equipment, Large Display Stations
*  Telecommunication equipment, Switch Gears

Why should you choose us to pack, crate and ship your Technology Equipment?

  • Our knowledge & experience with Technology Equipment in 35 years
  • We do everything to protect your equipment against any damage in shipment
  • Our staff understand Technology Equipment
  • Custom Engineered Packaging and Crating solutions
  • Variety of Packaging and Protection options
  • Best Price Guarantee for our service
  • Door to Door service with Time-Definite Delivery Options

Protection for Technology equipment include Anti-static bubble wrap, Shock Absorbers, Vapor barrier bagging, Cushioning using a variety of foams, depending the characteristics of technology equipment.

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