Freight forwarding in SFO, San Jose, Marin, Oakland, Hayward, East Bay

Being in the Freight Shipping industry for 35 years, with the lowest claims in the industry speaks of our incredible achievement. “Delivering truckload coast-to-coast in 2 days” speaks of our speed to deliver.

We offer Best Prices for Custom Packaging, Crating, and Freight Shipping from our location or service areas in California to several countries or coast to coast within the US. We ship from a pallet or a crate to Truckloads or Container loads. Or, do you want us to book a chartered Air Cargo? Sure, we do. With our “Indirect Air Carrier” Certification by TSA, United States Department of Homeland Security, your shipment is in our secured and safe hands.  Your shipping experience will be absolutely ‘NO-STRESS’.

Our services include the following:

  • Less than Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL)
  • Less Than Container-Load (LCL) and Full Container-Load (FCL)
  • International Air Shipping and Domestic Air Shipping
  • Flatbeds
  • “Ro-Ro” Service for Over-sized equipment or item by Ocean

 Speed of Delivery and Options

  • Next Day Delivery/2 Day/3 Day delivery by Air within the major cities of USA
  • Standard/Guaranteed/Time-Critical delivery for Ground shipments in USA
  • Economy and Express Service for International Air Shipment
  • Customs Clearance, and Door Delivery for Exports from USA and Imports into USA

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Technology Equipment Shipping


Leading Technology Corporations in Northern California rely on PGL to crate, pack, and ship their Technology equipment worldwide. We are Specialists in this industry for packaging, crating, and shipping Technology equipment in San Francisco, San Jose Metro area with our excellent track record for 35 years.

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Moving and Relocation


We are different from a Moving Company because of our expert Custom Packaging and Crating Services before Moving or Relocation. We are always on your budget and we “HANDLE WITH CARE”. Your Move will be totally ‘stress-free”.

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