We Pack, Crate and Ship Electronics at Best Rates in SFO, San Jose, Marin, Oakland, Hayward, East Bay

Looking to pack and ship your electronics, which are high-value assets? It is just right for us with our unique experience in Custom Packaging, Crating and shipping Electronics, worldwide. We have been doing it ‘right’ for a variety of leading Corporations in the last 35 years.

We specialize in Custom Packaging, Crating, and Shipping MRI scanners, computer server racks, data centers, complete professional audio studios, office photocopiers, movie making sets and cameras, ATMs, large amps and any other large electronic item. Our pickup and delivery is reliable and professional.

Shipping electronics demands specialized knowledge in packaging, crating and handling.  Every electronic device is unique and we understand electronics. We will protect your electronic device against Anti-static discharges, shock, temperature, water, humidity, and other factors.  Shock absorber devices are attached to our crates and hence your electronics can withstand the shocks, and vibration caused by Air Carriers or Ships or Trucks in transit.

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We can ship your electronics to deliver the next day or for a definite date/time. With our “Indirect Air Carrier” certification by TSA, US Department of Homeland Security, your electronics shipment is in ‘safe’ and ‘secured’ hands of PGL

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Medical Equipment Shipping

Medical Equipment is very sensitive, fragile, heavy, and over-sized. The delicate parts including Microscope, Laser, and Electronics deserve top-notch and special care to handle from right from pickup until delivery.
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International Shipping

Leading companies and individuals rely upon our International Shipping service, from Oakland, Hayward, Union City and Fremont in California. Backed by 35 years of experience, our services are ‘unique’ to meet your needs
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