Custom Cushioning

To prevent your item against any scratch or damage, our packaging engineers design ‘Custom Cushioning’ using a variety of foam including polyethylene or polyurethane ‘unique’ to suit your item and its characteristics. Whether it is a Robotics or Server Rack or an Antique Sculpture dated 1700s, we do it right, all the time, and every time.

Such Cushioning protects your items in any shipping mode – Air, Ocean, or Ground.

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Antique Shipping


Your antique may be very fragile, large, valuable or very old.  We have the right custom packaging and crating solutions, and to ship them worldwide. We love and honor challenges in Antique Packaging and Shipping.

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Our Custom Packaging solution is ‘uniquely’ engineered ‘for your item’ to protect your items against any possible damages in its journey to your destination.

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