Wooden Crating Company at Best Rate in SFO, San Jose, Marin, Oakland, Hayward, East Bay

Fragile, Large, Over-sized, and Valuable items need Wooden Crates or Wooden Boxes for the Best protection of items. We are the preferred vendor for Wooden Crating Services in Oakland, Hayward, Union City, Fremont and other areas in Northern California for 35 years!

Our Wooden Crates come with excellent protection inside for your items, such as Braces, Blocking, and Cushioning. After careful evaluation of the item to be crated or kept in a container made of wood, our engineers design and build the right kind of crates. Best Price Guarantee for our Wooden Crates!

Our engineers design wood crates or wood boxes with our Computer-aided software and our rich experience in crating.  The structure of the wooden container or crate is crucial to ensure that the crate will be strong enough in transit.  For instance, the base of a crate or a wooden box needs to be heavy-duty if the item is heavy and over-sized.  The type of wood to be used for wooden boxes or containers also decides the structure of the crate.

Crates for International Shipment

Crates for International Shipment or Export Wooden Crates are fabricated using Heat Treated (HT) Wood with ISPM-15 stamp (also called as Bug Stamp). Our team understands the importance of such specifications and we have delivered such wooden boxes or wood containers for the past 35 years.

These wood crates with ISPM-15 stamp need special attention and we look into all the details required. Backed up with our rich experience in Custom Packaging and Wood Crating and our track record in delivering Crates for International Shipping on your timeline make us the leader in Wood Crating and Shipping Solutions.

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Medical Equipment Shipping


Medical Equipment is very sensitive, fragile, heavy, and over-sized. The delicate parts including Microscope, Laser, and Electronics deserve top-notch and special care to handle from right from pickup until delivery.


International Shipping


Leading companies and individuals rely upon our International Shipping service, from Oakland, Hayward, Union City and Fremont in California. Backed by 35 years of experience, our services are ‘unique’ to meet your needs

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