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Platinum Global Logistics has delivered several thousands of shipments worldwide with expert Packaging, shipping and Crating at “Industry-above” standards. We have been doing it right and ‘excellent’ always, for every shipment, every day. Leading Corporations and individuals look at PGL as their valuable and trusted partner to deliver shipments ‘Safe’ and ‘Timely’ consistently worldwide by Air, Ocean, and Ground.

Our motto and practice have been “Package, Crate and Ship every client’s item as if it is our own item. We do everything to Deliver your Item to your location, Worldwide, ‘SAFE’ and ‘TIMELY’. We protect your items against any damages which may be caused in transportation”. We are an established Corporation in California, with our warehouses and staff ready to serve your needs.

Our “Indirect Air Carrier” Certification by TSA, United States Department of Homeland Security demonstrates our commitment to Security Compliance and Standards. Corporations from Hi-Tech or Technology, Robotics, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Telecommunications, Electronics, Heavy Equipment Manufacture and Repair have utilized our services in the last 35 years.

Our Custom Packaging, Shipping and Custom Crating processes and practices have been refined over time, utilizing our rich experience, and latest Technology improvements in the industry. We do understand that any shipment by Air or Ocean or Ground go thru shocks, vibration, movements, changes in temperature, humidity, etc. We anticipate the challenges in every shipment and address them ‘up front’ while packaging and crating.

One large shipment of plain glass sheets from Hayward to Austria, door to door, with ‘not even one small crack’ on any glass sheet, speaks of our commendable ability to pack and ship anything.

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PGL has DELIVERED several thousands of shipments worldwide with the lowest claim-rate to commercial, industrial, and residential customers! We provide “Door-to-Door” Service from Pick up, Custom Packaging, Crating, and Shipping with full-value insurance.With our 35 years of experience.


On Site Crating


If your shipment needs to be Custom packed and Crated at your facilities because the item it is too large, fragile, awkward or requires confidential handling prior to shipping we offer the cost effective alternative of on-site crating.